Last Update 8/1/99

AdaClips is a semi-thick Ada (95) binding to the public-domain CLIPS expert system shell.

It was developed as part of the Fodderbot project for an AI class of mine. As a result, it only contains bindings to the calls I needed for my project. The full CLIPS library has over 1500 calls! So I currently have its version set to 0.1.

As the project is over, I doubt I'll have much need for updating them any further. But I will accept additions and (heaven forbid) bug fixes and repost it here if it is submitted to me in an easy to apply form (e.g.: The entire changed source files, a "diff" listing, etc.) But I thought it best to make the sources available for others so at least the work I did do won't have to be duplicated.


The sources for AdaClips are available here in two forms:


There is currently no documentation available for AdaCLIPS. CLIPS documentation is available on the CLIPS website. Since its only one Ada package, this should not be a hardship. The only tricky part is getting hold of a CLIPS library compiled for your platform, and figuring out how to link in C libraries using your Ada compiler. (Hint, with Gnat it would look something like "-largs -lCLIPS").


The code is fully OpenSource. It is licensed under the Gnat-Modified GPL (aka: GMG), which is GPL with the Gnat RTL exceptions. What this means in plain English is that the sources themselves may not be distributed with a license other than the one they currently have. But any executable developed using this package may be distributed with whatever license you like. See the source code headers for the actual license.