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(The Physicist, not the Theologian who died in 2000)

This picture, captioned "Battle Between the Idumeans and Jews", appeared on the frontspiece to Hebrew Literature, Colonial Press, London and New York, 1901.  A note explains that the illustration is "From 'L'Histoire de Josephus,' printed on vellum at paris, 1530, and illuminated like a manuscript."


Natural Philosophy:

Sheldon Green's obituary

Don Secrest's description of his research

MOLSCAT quantum mechanical collision software

collisional excitation rates (calculated with MOLSCAT)

Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite


Sometimes they have sounded to me like smug, self-satisfied jerks, but the world with the ACLU in it is still less bad than it might be otherwise.

Amnesty International's"About Amnesty International"page.

The Duke UniversityCenter for the Study of the Public Domain

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Free Software Foundation

The Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Dennis Karjala's Opposing Copyright Extension web site

The Public Domain Information Project

My own Telae Tabulae

The Ballad of Dennis Karjala, a political comment in the form of a broadside ballad.

abstract of Prof. Heald's article "Reviving the Rhetoric of the Public Interest: Choir Directors, Copy Machines, and New Arrangements of Public Domain Music, Duke Law Journal, 46(2),241-290(1996). The entire article can be found here

A comment by Chris Sprigman: The Mouse that ate the public domain.   Mr. Sprigman's article links to my page on musical borrowing by G.F. Handel.  If you like my Handel page, you might want to check my page on creative copying by Robert Burns and my page on creative copying by William Shakespeare.

Another column by Chris Sprigman:  The Supreme Court's Copyright Extension Decision:  A Mickey Mouse Ruling.


  freedom to write
This picture, presumably by James Hall, appeared on the title page of With Pen and Ink by James Hall, Prang Company, New York, 1913.

Music and Law:

A 13th-century French Motet, Alle Psallite cvm Luya.

A 17th-century English psalm tune:  Old 119th.

An 18th-century English dance tune: 

Oklahoma City Traditional Music Association

The Southern Harmony on line

Duke University Law Professor James Boyle's web site

The Mudcat Discussion Forum:  Folk music, the blues, and more.

Pinelands Folk Music and Basketry Center


The vision thing:  graphic art

Fred Gallagher:
Mr. Gallagher draws the Megatokyo on-line comic.
Akira Hasegawa 

draws the comic strips Experimental Comic Kotone and Magical Mina.

Kaoru Kawakata:
Kaoru's Room
Caffeine Angel Studios:
Caffeine Angel Studios

Michael Poe and friends draw Errant Story and other webcomics.


The gift of gab:

The ghostly father of the blog world, the Rev. Dr. A. K. M. Adam (AKMA)

Frank Field

Dan Gillmor

Joi Ito

William Patry

Lawrence Lessig

Doc Searls


Link to earthlink.net

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